moneyTO UNLOCKprosperity.

At Flori, we invest more than money. We believe in collective power and promote strategy, technology, marketing, and product partnerships among our portfolio companies.

By adding momentum to the right financial innovations, Flori founders are clearing a path to a more inclusive financial system. Together, we can reimagine what money stands for, reengineer what it can do, and unlock prosperity for all.

Our goals are to support founders who use blockchain technology to tackle two of the biggest challenges of our time: climate and access to the financial system.

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no. 1

What is Celo?

Celo makes money cross-border, fast, digital and protected from inflation. 

The Celo Dollar can be used to easily send money to friends and family, pay salaries locally and internationally, buy groceries or pay at other retail stores in person and online, in 1:1 or 1-to-many transactions, save money, invest to grow your savings - or to build a virtual economy in a metaverse with thousands of micro-transactions.

The Celo platform is proof-of-stake, EVM-compatible, open source, and governed by CELO asset owners. Learn more here.

no. 2

What does Flori look for in a company?

We’re looking for great humans who are mission aligned with Flori’s values. Founders we enjoy working with are doers, who create value to the overall Celo ecosystem.

no. 3

What is our relationship with Celo camp?

We are partners and advisors to each other - but independent entities otherwise. We love Celo camp and have invested in many Celo Camp graduates. Some examples are Coco, Aija, Kaala, Moola, Kresko and so many more.