Seeding change.
Flori is more than a seed-stage fund and a portfolio of startups: Our community of founders taps into the power of financial innovation to collaborate around global problems and unlock prosperity for all.
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Ruth Iselema

"Together, we can onboard the next billion users into the crypto ecosystem."

Ruth Iselema

Bashin Aminu

“Together, we can democratize access to the global economy for over 1.5 billion Africans.”

Bashin Aminu

Alan Boryszanski

“Together, we can take whole regions into the new economy. Empowering people with technology, access and inclusion.

Alan Boryszanski

Ashley Taylor

"Together, we can make the benefits of defi more accessible and thus empower more people and businesses."

Ashley Taylor

Mario Stumpo

"Together, we can make automated trading more transparent and accessible."

Mario Stumpo

Phillip Toth

“Together, we can enable one billion digital solopreneurs with mobile-first P2P commerce.”

Phillip Toth

heymate AG

We achieve
our mission
When our foundersachieve theirs.

We believe in collective power to build the future. That’s why we’re building a community first, with our investment being just a means to create strong relationships among us. We facilitate and promote partnerships among our portfolio companies and support among our founders.
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What's new with Flori.

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Believe your values align with Flori’s? Got a web3 solution with real impact? We’d love to hear from you and learn more.

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The Flori community is a place for collaboration amongst founders, connecting needs to solutions and creating a meaningful support system. We believe we can get farther together.

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Whether fundraising or launching products, at Flori you’ll find peer support, tools, and resources to help you thrive.

We believe in the power of many.

We back founders and leaders who tap into financial innovation to solve real-world problems at scale.

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